A world inspired and connected by words

The Elite Words team lives, breathes and consumes copywriting and content creation daily. And we love it!

Our mission is to empower businesses, organisations, and individuals to connect through elite words.

Elite Words Values:

  • We believe words can change the world.
  • We create great work anywhere.
  • We celebrate success.
  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We believe in perfection.
  • We are grateful.
  • We are kind.
  • We are honest.
  • We trust and are trustworthy.

Elite Words Vision:

A world inspired and connected by words.

We create great work anywhere.

Elite Words specialises in easy communication strategies that give your business a voice to market, advertise and inform others about just how great you truly are. We are a multifaceted team with leading industry experience. We understand exactly what to say and how to say it best! We believe in perfection and strive to create fun, engaging and marketable content for every client, every day.

We believe words can change the world.

Driven to create quality content and communications strategies for every client, we challenge the status quo and believe that words have the power to transform people and businesses. Just as we trust your vision for your business, you can trust us to execute it to perfection.


In 2017, Natalie Dawson struck out on her own and decided to create Elite Words. At first, Natalie thought she would be a sole trader, a boutique-style copywriter. But Natalie’s knack for writing copy soon led to Elite Word’s rapid growth. 

Now, we’re a team of three, Sydney-based writers. We work with many executives, corporations and companies. They trust us, and we love showing them the power of words. We believe in elite words, and we pride ourselves on our unlimited revisions policy for any words we write. 

We’re a friendly, organised and honest bunch. We each possess a meticulous eye for detail coupled with curious natures that allow us to keep the big picture in mind. We love writing, we love a challenge and we love helping other companies connect through elite words.

We celebrate success.

Intrigued? Then contact the Elite Words team today and see how we can help you write expert content for your needs.