Finding your voice.

Do you not have the time needed to put pen to paper (or, perhaps more accurately, fingers to keyboard)? Do you struggle to find the right words or tone when writing? Is your company expanding and seeking to communicate with more people? Well, look no further! Our expert team of ghostwriters are here to help.

At Elite Words, we write content for you and let you take all the credit for this content. Sound like a good deal? Well, that’s exactly what ghostwriting is – we do the writing, you take the credit. 

We’re sure you’ve seen those autobiographies ‘written by’ celebrities. But ghostwriting is not just confined to the lives of the famous. It takes many forms. Here, at Elite Words, we write content on behalf of corporations and executives.

Our services include (but are not limited to):

Social media posts


Company emails



Our ghostwriting is never impersonal. We take the time to ensure we understand your company, your values and your strategic goals. We then use this knowledge to capture your unique ‘tone of voice’. From here, we ensure that we maintain a consistent tone. We tailor our writing to engage your target audience and convey what you want us to communicate. 

Our words are carefully crafted, but they always maintain a sense of authenticity. We look to support your strategic communication goals. And we always craft our content with your company’s ethos and vision in mind.

Here, at Elite Words, creating high-quality copy is our passion and we take great pride in our ability to communicate your vision with clarity. We want your organisation to thrive.


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