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Natalie Dawson

Founder of Elite Words

Natalie knew she loved writing at an early age, leading her to pursue a Bachelor of Communication majoring in Journalism at Western Sydney University. She was a formidable student and alumnus, and was welcomed back to the university as a project coordinator, communications officer, and web manager. She was wildly respected by her colleagues in this role, having driven successful campaigns and boosted conversion rates. However, her passion for writing needed something bigger. This is where Elite Words comes in. 

Natalie founded Elite Words in 2017, and so much has happened since the business’ tentative beginnings. Elite Words started as a one-person show, with Natalie providing copywriting services for her clients while also managing every other aspect of her business. Since then, Elite Words has grown to take on huge clients, including billion-dollar companies and government departments. With Elite Words, Natalie is able to fulfil her passion for helping others succeed through the power of elite stories, content strategies, and words. 

Throughout Natalie’s career, her focus has always been to foster genuine human connections and engagements through storytelling and strong communication strategies. This is why Elite Words is driven by the mission to empower businesses, organisations, and individuals to connect through elite words. Her results-driven mindset has led to fruitful endeavours as she found herself at the forefront of viral campaigns, impactful content marketing strategies, and successful storytelling pieces, whether they be feature articles, podcasts and interviews, or social media content. 

When Natalie isn’t writing, you’ll find her tending to her garden, cooking up a tasty dish, cheering on the football (soccer) or watching Netflix. While Natalie is often working at her computer, she’s also the adventurous type and loves to travel and get outdoors.


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Natalie Dawson

Your favourite book(s)?

As a proud mother of three children, this would have to be anything written by Anh Do. Just a great laugh every time!

What was the first concert you attended?

Michael Bublé – it was an amazing concert too.

What animal would you most like to see in the wild?

 A Lion

Who are you three dream dinner party guests?

Manu Fiedel (I would love Manu to sample some of my Croatian dishes), Julia Bishop (inspirational leader) and Robert Lewandowski (to discuss all things football).

What part of the world/country are you fascinated by?

Switzerland. I have been fascinated by this beautiful country ever since completing an assignment on Switzerland in year 6.