Got a story to tell?

Do you want to give others a unique and personal insight into your company? Do you have a milestone you want commemorated in writing? Is there an unsung hero in your company, someone whose work you’d love to tell people about?

At Elite Words, we know that every company has a story to tell. We want to tell those stories for you. Our team of experienced writers produce feature stories that turn you, your company and your achievements into a narrative people cannot put down.

Feature stories tell a piece of news through a narrative style. Structurally, they are a combination of creative and report writing. They narrate true events, but they deviate from straight news. They’re not tied to a current event unfolding before our eyes. Instead, their effectiveness comes from the fact that they emphasis the ‘human element’. They’re factual and accurate but never dry or bland. They’re engaging because they centre around the lives of individuals, memorable events and the character of your company.

Like a novelist who wants to build multidimensional protagonists, a feature story highlights a side of your band that people may not be aware of. At Elite Words, we always write stories that showcase your company’s personality and heart. Creating a distinct brand character makes you more recognisable to consumers, increasing memorability. The more you are remembered, the more people will refer you. And increased referrals lead to more conversions!

At Elite Words, we create a range of feature stories that leave a lasting impression. These include:

Celebrations of achievement

Successful business venture commemorations

Historical records and accounts

The stories of your brands unsung heroes’