Selling your strengths.

Want to show off? At Elite words, our team of content writers produce high-quality capability statements that make your brand stand out from the crowd. We do this by emphasising your company’s values, strengths and individuality. We want others to see just how special you are! 

Think of capability statements as a sort of pitch. They highlight what your company has to offer and why others should do business with you. Whether your target audience is potential business partners, stakeholders, suppliers, customers or new employees, our team of copywriters will craft the perfect capability statement for you! 

When writing your company’s capability statement, we’ll show off its strengths and assets. But we do this without ever sounding phony or bombastic. Our team of experienced writers know how to sell your company in a captivating, truthful and persuasive way. 

At Elite Words, we always take the time to understand your company because we want to emphasise its uniqueness. Our tailored approach to copywriting ensures that we convey what sets your company apart. What do you do differently? What do you do better? Why should we choose you over someone else? These are the questions that are addressed in all our capability statements.

At Elite Words, we produce a range of capability statements that showcase just how amazing you are! The types of capability statements we write include:

Business collaboration pitches

Business operations manuals

Business partner’s ‘about us’ website pages

Employee’s ‘about us’ website pages

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