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Do you want to increase product distribution? Or do you need to tweak your current brochure content strategy? At Elite words, we produce high-quality brochure content, helping you connect the dots between your business and your target audience. People won’t use your service if they don’t know it exists. Our brochures bridge the gap between your business and the audience you seek. 

Brochures are promotional documents used to introduce a company, organisation, product, or service. They contain a concise summary of information that is aimed at persuading people. The goal of a brochure is to increase sales and distribution. 

A brochure is usually folded into a template, pamphlet, or leaflet. The main ways a brochure can be folded are bifold (four panels, two on either side) and trifold (six panels, three on either side). They can be distributed as hard copies or electronically. At Elite Words, we believe that all brochures must have a clear call to action. Our written content always reflects what you want your customers to do after reading the brochure. If you have a clear idea of your message, we’ll write content that is engaging and effective. If you’re not sure about what your brochure’s message will be, that’s ok too! We’ll help out with idea generation and devising a call to action. 

Our team of expert copywriters craft brochures that help your company stay in touch with existing customers while also expanding consumer reach. Our brochures will reflect your company’s values. We never create bland, run-of-the-mill brochures. An effective call to action always requires an understanding of your company’s ethos, what you do and what you hope to achieve.

At Elite Words, we create a wide range of brochure content that helps you maximise profit and build customer loyalty. The types of brochure content we write include:

Advertisement material

Customer loyalty programs

Informational product pieces

PR packages

Looking to increase the volume of your company’s microphone? Want to create effective brochures but don’t know where to start? Get in touch to see how we can help.


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