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Hosted by Gustav Arianto, the CEO of Pierlite and our very own Founder and Managing Director of Elite Words, Natalie Dawson, the Leader Talk is a weekly podcast brought to you by Brainiact.

Made by leaders, for leaders.

Each week, Gus and Natalie will interview an exceptional leader from Australia or around the world to gain insights and inspiration into what makes a great leader. Interviewed live on-air, audiences can trust that this isn’t a scripted conversation, instead, listeners are part of a conversation about life, business, leadership, passion, authenticity, vulnerability, and motivation.

A mission to give back to small to medium-sized businesses.

This podcast’s goal is to provide critical information and motivation for leaders across Australia and the world. We want to support small to medium-sized businesses by offering unrivalled advice and information.  This is a podcast made for SME businesses. 

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Upcoming guests.

Yasser Zaki – 25 January 2022

Yasser Zaki is the CEO of Tender Loving Care Disability Services.

Yasser is a certified and registered NDIS provider that delivers high-quality support for individuals with disabilities. With over 12 years of experience, he has worked extensively in the disability services sector.

He is passionate about his work at TLC and loves being hands-on. Having worked through various support positions has allowed him to support PWD firsthand and has helped him understand the challenges that come with supporting those who are heavily disadvantaged in society.

Yasser’s vision is to develop a service where people aren’t
limited as a result of their bodily functions, and is passionate about making regular services more inclusive for those who are physically and cognitively disadvantaged.

Results-driven, his skills, experience and qualifications, enables him to deliver not only quality services but also an
extensive, longitudinal approach to helping advance the lives of those living with a disability.

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Mimmo Lubrano – 1 February 2022

Mimmo Lubrano is the CEO of Sandhurst Fine Foods and was the prior Vice President of the Australian Association of Food Professionals (AAFP).

Mimmo has worked for more than 30 years in the food industry. He has a plethora of experience in identifying fresh produce, as well as cooking unique recipes.

He is an expert in food marketing, purchasing, branding, and distribution.

His success in the industry comes from his passion for foodservice, as well as supporting family-owned businesses. Mimmo is passion-driven and has proven himself to be a great leader for those who are trying to get their produce, whether that be fresh or value-added, onto store shelves. 

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Steven Walker – 10 February 2022

Steven Walker is the co-owner of Kookaburra Homes, one of the leading home builders in South Australia. He also acts as one of the board members at Regional Development Australia Murraylands and Riverland.

With over 14 years of experience in the building industry, Steven has helped thousands of customers make their dream home become a reality.

Steven is known to be a passionate and resilient individual, as well as an expert in his field. He is behind the success of Kookaburra Homes
with his innovative sales and marketing techniques. Steven is an incredibly organised individual, ensuring that his team makes effective use of their time.

His extraordinary passion for marketing is what sets him apart. As a results-oriented person, he emphasises fantastic customer relationships and service. Steven strongly believes that a business is successful when you consistently exceed the expectations set by your customers, and not just simply meet them.

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Lucy Jones – 16 February 2022 

Lucy Jones is the Co-founder and President of Neuroblastoma Australia.

With the belief that every child deserves to live healthily, Neuroblastoma organises events to raise awareness of and fund research for children’s cancer.

Lucy is recognised for her tireless work in raising awareness of neuroblastoma through the Westfield Local Heroes for Chatswood, and she has been nominated for a 2020 Westfield Local Hero award. She currently works on behalf of the consumer and community committee for Sydney Children’s Hospital and Children’s Comprehensive Cancer Centre redevelopment project in Randwick.

With her kind heart, Lucy is focused on driving change in neuroblastoma survival rates through fundraising and believes that research will give better treatments for this devastating childhood cancer.

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Michele Lombardi – 10 March 2022 

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