Leader Talk

Hosted by Gustav Arianto, the CEO of Pierlite and our very own Founder and Managing Director of Elite Words, Natalie Dawson, the Leader Talk is a weekly podcast brought to you by Brainiact.

Made by leaders, for leaders.

Each week, Gus and Natalie will interview an exceptional leader from Australia or around the world to gain insights and inspiration into what makes a great leader. Interviewed live on-air, audiences can trust that this isn’t a scripted conversation, instead, listeners are part of a conversation about life, business, leadership, passion, authenticity, vulnerability, and motivation.

A mission to give back to small to medium-sized businesses.

This podcast’s goal is to provide critical information and motivation for leaders across Australia and the world. We want to support small to medium-sized businesses by offering unrivalled advice and information.  This is a podcast made for SME businesses. 

Interested in listening? We live stream the podcast across all of Brainiact’s social media channels, including:

If you aren’t able to catch it live, don’t worry! It’s also syndicated to wherever you listen to your favourite podcasts. Check out our guest list down below.