Leader Talk

Hosted by Gustav Arianto, the CEO of Pierlite and our very own Founder and Managing Director of Elite Words, Natalie Dawson, the Leader Talk is a weekly podcast brought to you by Brainiact.

Made by leaders, for leaders.

Each week, Gus and Natalie will interview an exceptional leader from Australia or around the world to gain insights and inspiration into what makes a great leader. Interviewed live on-air, audiences can trust that this isn’t a scripted conversation, instead, listeners are part of a conversation all around life, business, leadership, passion, authenticity, vulnerability, and motivation.

A mission to give back to small to medium sized businesses.

This podcast’s goal is to provide critical information and motivation for leaders across Australia and the world. We want to support small to medium sized businesses by offering unrivalled advice and information.  This is a podcast made for SME businesses. 

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Upcoming guests.

Daniel Wood – 4 August 2021

Daniel Wood is the Managing Director of Tupperware Australia and a leader in the sales industry. 

With over a decade of experience leading Australian operations of two multi-national corporations in the direct-sales industry, you can trust that Daniel Woods has some great knowledge that will benefit any business. 

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Mark Burgess – 10 August 2021

Mark Burgess is an exceptional leader, having over 20 years of experience in the global aerospace and defence industry. As the CEO and Managing Director of Quickstep (ASK: QHL) Mark has been successful in delivering profitable growth and completing complex projects in the advanced technology arena. 

Mark has held several leadership roles around the world, for British and American companies, such as Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia. 

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Justin Burgess – 20 August 2021

Justin Burgess holds a number of leadership positions as he is the Executive General Manager at Laminex Australia and a Board Member of Wespine Industries and Hexion Australia.

Justin has leadership skills in a variety of areas such as leading sales and profit turnarounds, building and developing successful teams, and identifying and growing new market segments. With his passion to improve all areas of business and his broad experience running full profit and loss within the Australian and New Zealand Building Products segment, Justin can provide unparalleled advice for listeners. 

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Liz Jones – 27 August 2021 

Liz Jones is an experienced and outstanding leader with proven experience delivering large scale, strategically critical outcomes for organisations. Currently, Liz Jones is the Chief Executive Officer of Lotus Doors, the leading supplier of adaptive space solutions in Australia. 

Liz has exceptional problem solving and critical thinking skills, making her a leader that everyone can rely on. Before her role at Lotus Doors, Liz was the General Manager (EGM) of the Specialty Lighting Group (SLG) at Australia’s largest lighting company, Gerard Lighting, and an Advisory Board Member of Lotus. 

Liz is highly qualified and has won a number of awards for her talents including the Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year and the Telstra Victorian Women’s Winner, Medium and Large Business which she won in 2019.

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