Why is fresh content important for your website?

Your website is often the first point of contact between you and potential clients. It represents who you are and what you stand for.  

You may think that all the information you have featured on your website is enough to keep business booming, but that’s where you’re wrong. Consistently uploading fresh content will help your business thrive. Fresh content keeps previous clients coming back for more, while also generating new leads and a fresh set of eyes.

To stay featured on the first page of search results or to climb the rankings, new and engaging content is the key to your success. If you want to know how to always upload fresh, exciting and new content read on!

Uploading new content – what’s best practice?

The best way to provide new content is through the form of a blog (if you don’t already have one, get it up and running now!). A blog is a fantastic way for your business to increase web traffic, nurture leads and convert clients. Here are our tips and tricks to creating a great and consistent blog:

  • always ensure content is relevant to your business and target audience
  • ensure content is engaging and easy to understand
  • include images and videos (where you can) to make your blog fresh and interesting
  • create a consistent upload schedule (we recommend aiming for once or twice a fortnight)
  • enlist the help of professionals (at Elite Words we can help your business create a great blog!).  

Another way to add new content is by adding new pages to your site. Including areas we service pages or dedicated pages to new products and offerings your business is providing, is one way of doing so.

Top tip: These extra pages could live at the bottom of your website or via internal links, so as to not overcrowd your navigation section.

Updating old content – your secret to success

A great way to climb search engine rankings is to update your older content. For example, if your blog has posts that date back a few years, then go back through those old posts and update them. If new information has been released about that certain topic, you can add a new section or remove older, now invalid information.

Updating this content will help your business grow and ensure content remains useful and relevant to audiences. By having up-to-date information, your business can become an authority on specialist topics, helping to build trust. Additionally, by providing value-driven content that’s targeted to your specific audience, you can form meaningful connections with clients improving brand loyalty and retention.

Top tip: Be sure to not update your content too regularly as this will harm search engine rankings. Simply update blog posts as required and when information becomes irrelevant.

If you are looking for other ways to improve your Google ranking, please check out our blog post on why you’re not ranking on Google search to find out more.

Is SEO important?

Yes! It’s important for all businesses to build a strong SEO strategy. Even if your business is mainly offline, it’s still important to have a platform online for people to find you. After all, in 2021 it was calculated that the average internet user spends 415.5 minutes (almost 7 hours) online every day.

Producing fresh content consistently can help strengthen your SEO strategy and ensure your business maintains the top spot in search engine rankings. In most search engine algorithms, they will prioritise new and updated content so search results remain relevant to users.

It’s critical you get your SEO strategy right, to find out more read our blog post on everything you need to know about SEO.

Word of mouth

In the digital age, it’s important to have an online footprint. However, that’s not the only way businesses can be found. This is where word of mouth comes in. Google may be many people’s first option when they are trying to find exactly what they are looking for, but on average people have more trust in a friend’s opinion.

If you, as a business, keep your content fresh and of high quality, then people are more likely to remember the information they have read and where they retrieved that information from. Keeping up with your content is a surefire way to get more eyes on your business and greater word-of-mouth recommendations.

This will only work though if your content is new, fresh and valuable as people will trust a newer source, instead of one from several years ago.

So, remember to post fresh content as well as update your older content to not only achieve a higher search engine ranking but to get more people talking about your business every day.

Unsure how to keep your content up to date? Get in touch with Elite Words for our expert copywriting, copyediting and content strategy services today!

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