Why case studies are great for marketing your business

It’s one thing to say that you can do x, y, and z. But in a world where competition is fierce, and anyone can say anything online, promises without evidence are just background noise. Prospective clients want to see a proven track record of success before they enlist the help of your business. Want to jump from background noise to headlining act? That’s where case studies enter the picture.

Case studies involve a detailed examination of a real-world circumstance. They discuss a challenge and/or conflict, how you approached and solved it, and the positive outcomes that were achieved as a result. Case studies are proof of your business’ capabilities. They show prospective clients that you can provide practical solutions to real world challenges.

Here are three compelling reasons why case studies should be embedded in your marketing strategy…

A powerful thread to your brand’s storytelling

Case studies cast the clients you worked with as the protagonist, making them an enticing customer-centric marketing strategy. Prospective clients who read your case studies will be able to put themselves in the client’s shoes, getting a feel for what it would be like to work with your business. A good case study should make someone say, ‘I want results like this,’ when they reach the end.

Case studies are imperative to brand storytelling. Studies show, 77% of B2B buyers in the evaluation stage of brand awareness consider case studies to be among the most influential types of content – there is a reason for this. Are you more likely to remember when you learnt about significant figures in year eight maths? Or your friend’s story about learning to kite surf? Exactly. Storytelling is memorable.

Storytelling is a powerful marketing strategy because it allows your business to connect with people through emotion. Research demonstrates, emotion overrides rational thinking in our decision making. So, we cannot rely on bare facts to generate customer loyalty and retention. We need to appeal to people’s emotions to invest them in our services.

Weaving the credibility of your business

People respond well to cases studies because they provide original proof of your company’s expertise. In providing tangible, real-word examples of how you helped other businesses overcome challenges, case studies allow you to ascend from the background noise of unproven sales jargon. Case studies educate prospective clients on the benefits of your products and/or service, delineating your company’s point of difference. As a result, case studies help frame your company as a leader in your market.

How to harness the conversion power of case studies:

  • insert a link to your latest case study on your website home page
  • create a designated page on your website with links to all your case studies
  • produce blog posts and social media content about your case studies
  • embed case studies in email marketing campaigns.

Creates a symbiotic business relationship

A case study says, ‘I won this company’s business and delivered amazing results.’ Case studies show prospective clients who you have worked with, and who is willing to trust you to deliver on important projects. So, in addition to showing your business capabilities, case studies allow your clients to garner wider exposure. Case studies help increase the revenue and customer base of you and your client.

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