Why content marketing is essential for growing your brand

Every business wants to jump to the top of the ranks in the most cost-effective way possible. But how do you make your brand stand out in the first place? The answer is good content. Content marketing is all about the development of useful and engaging material. It seeks to attract and maintain a specified audience, leading to greater customer conversion.

Here is why content marketing is a staple for brand growth.

Customer loyalty and retention

Whether you run a start-up or a long-established brand, marketing to the right person is essential for commercial success. Know your audience before you commence a content marketing strategy. Find out what they want, what they would hope to achieve with your product and/or service, and how they can best hear about the solution you have for them. Explore research articles on consumer responses to products that are similar to yours, read customer reviews, and seek feedback from prospective clients. Make sure your target audience is present in your content writing. You want your target audience to feel like they are being heard and catered to.

Businesses that concentrate on human-centred customer interaction are laying the groundwork for their short and long-term success. Apple, the multinational technology giant, was ranked by Forbes as the #1 most valuable brand in 2016 because it prioritised consumer needs. Compelling, customer-driven content generates a network of loyal customers who will continue to support your company.

Profitable brand personality

Invest time in developing a tone and marketing angle that your target audience responds well to. Tone can be just as important as the quality of the product you are offering. Don’t believe us? Consider, “Hey you, buy my moisturiser!” versus “Tired of acne overstaying its welcome? We have an all-natural moisturiser clinically proven to banish the unwanted party guest for good.” We both know the approach that would generate better conversions!

Creating thought leadership through content also adds weight to the intellectual capital of your brand, equipping you with a competitive advantage. Producing content about the product you provide demonstrates that you know what you are talking about, have a unique selling point, and can offer a solution to people.

Enhances visibility

Original content marketing works because storytelling is memorable. There is a reason we still share stories adapted from 16th-century fairy tales. The messages contained within stories are thought to be at least 22 times more memorable than facts.

Storytelling humanises your brand. People who are inspired by the emotional connection your marketing story evokes will be more likely to make a purchase and tell others about your service. From this, your brand will experience an increase in searches as word spreads about your product or service. More searches mean more leads, shares, subscriptions, word of mouth referrals, and customer testimonials. Content marketing has the power to turn your brand into a household name.

If you are unsure how to begin or need expert advice on your content strategy, get in touch with us. At Elite Words, we specialise in helping our clients achieve their goals through great content.

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