Everything you ever wanted to know about copywriting

Not quite sure what copywriting is? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Elite Words are an enthusiastic bunch of copywriters who are excited to share what copywriting really is. And no, copywriting is not the same as copyright!

What is copywriting?

People often lump copywriting, editing and publishing into the same category. But copywriting exists as a separate vein to publishing. Instead of focusing on the marketing and distribution of books, copywriting is primarily geared towards the production of online content, whether it be blogs, websites, or social media.

At Elite Words, we define copywriting as the act of creating informative content that engages people with a particular product and/or service. Copywriting primarily exists to persuade customers to buy a product or sign up to a service being advertised. But more broadly speaking, copywriters help people portray their experiences in words. Copywriting is more than just the writing of short ad copy emblazoned across billboards.

A copywriter creates content for many functions, including:

  • Blogs
  • Brochure content
  • Capability statements
  • Case studies
  • Content strategy
  • Customer newsletters
  • eCommerce communications
  • Feature stories
  • Ghostwriting
  • Google my business content
  • Internal newsletters
  • Script writing
  • Social media
  • Speech writing
  • Website pages

The services listed above barely scratch the surface of what a copywriter can do. Copywriters create any type of content on any topic through any medium for anyone! The spirit of the copywriting profession involves us creating content, and letting you take credit for it. We are a secret weapon for your success!

How did copywriting begin?

Copywriting may sound like a 21st century marketing buzzword. But it’s actually been around for centuries! In fact, the oldest surviving piece of English copy is believed to be “Caedmon’s Hymn,” created between the years 658 and 680. Even before the days of manually selling newspapers on the street, good copy was needed to form the lifeblood of society.

The word “copy” also encapsulates centuries of human history, referring to a time in which information was hand copied (e.g. Hebrews recording the ten commandments on parchment). However, the meaning we ascribe to the modern-day “copy-writer” has evolved. The modern-day copywriter is responsible for developing original content, not hand copying information for distribution. The days of jotting down one’s thoughts from pen to paper has also been largely overtaken by an epidemic of rapid typing, neck-benders. Business “onlineification” has popularised inbound marketing, an advertising method that promotes a company through blogs, e-newsletters, SEO, and videos, etc. Hence, copywriters are a key player in the digitisation of the workforce.

Why is copywriting important?

The importance of language in our society is too often overlooked. Everything in society, whether it be businesses, the law, social interaction, or education, is governed by the words we use and the meaning we attach to them. That’s why at Elite Words, we operate under the vision, “A world inspired and connected by words.” The words we use have power. So, using the right ones is key for success.  

According to the content marketing institute, 85% of B2B marketers attribute their increased success to higher quality content creation. Copywriting is intrinsic to the success of all businesses. Every business, whether it’s a service provider, retailor or not-for-profit needs to communicate with potential customers so they can carry out their business operations. Great copy is your ticket to getting the most out of SEO, branding and reputation. Your business communications shape the experience people have with your brand. As long as businesses exist, copywriters won’t be going away anytime soon!

Biggest misconceptions about copywriting: What does the team at Elite Words have to say?

Founder and director, Natalie Dawson – ‘When I say I own a copywriting business, most people are afraid to ask what that is! When I explain that copywriters write for any medium, any channel, and for anyone, they politely nod without fully getting it. A lot of people don’t realise that copywriting could be someone’s full time job, let alone a business!’

Content writer, Odessa Blain – ‘When I tell people I’m a copywriter they often think that means I work in the legal field! Or they’re surprised that it’s still a job and assume it involves proofreading books/novels for a publisher. A lot of people have a view that copywriting is an outdated profession. They don’t connect the dots between the rapid “onlineification” of businesses and the need for quality content to engage prospective customers.’

Content writer, Ella Boyd – ‘Everyone asks me if I want to write a book when I say I’m a copywriter. But let me tell you, writing a book is a vastly different ball game to writing web copy! Writing a book usually involves creating fictional narratives for entertainment. Meanwhile, writing web copy is about making people aware of a particular product or service. Not to mention, content for web copy is much shorter than content for novels! The only person I’ve met thus far who understood what I do for work is my friend who is a graphic designer. The reason she understood was because she regularly works with copywriters as part of her job. People who don’t work with copywriters are usually very confused by the copywriting profession.’

Content writer, Anna Ly – ‘I usually always find myself explaining my job to my family as they don’t understand that the copy on a website isn’t necessarily written by the website owner! Writing for blogs and newsletters they get, but things like social media copy and websites is a strange concept to them. Even people who belong to a similar field of work to me – PR, Advertising, and Journalism – often assume that copywriting is purely the writing of short-form slogans for ads.’

Content writer, Abigail Stratton – ‘People often have a perplexed look on their face when I say I work as a copywriter. They then tentatively ask, “What exactly is that?” Most people don’t seem to realise how pervasive copywriting is in our society. They often dismiss it as something niche or cutesy that only applies to people who enjoy reading and writing. But copywriting is a carrier of information, equipping people with the ability to make informed decisions on how to achieve the best outcome possible.’

Interested in learning how copywriters can help elevate your business? The team at Elite Words are well positioned to assist! Contact us to work with copywriters who love empowering people and organisations with great copy!

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