International Coffee Day

International Coffee Day

Coffee, sweet, glorious coffee! If there’s anything worth dedicating an entire day to, it’s the celebration of coffee. This dark aromatic liquid could bring down the world if it no longer existed. It’s definitely powerful stuff! As writers, it’s safe to say we live off the stuff – as most people do around the world. Close to one billion people drink coffee each and every day. Now, that’s a lot of coffee!

Etymologically the word “coffee” has an interesting history. The earliest word for coffee was actually the Arabic word “qahwah”, which didn’t quite refer to coffee at all but instead wine. Then the Ottoman Turks used the word “kahve” before the Dutch called it “koffie”, which is why people in English speaking countries now call it coffee! Who knew just the word alone had such a rich history.

Coffee is a beverage that people around the world adore. Whether you’re in Asia, Europe or Africa, you’ll be able to find a cup of coffee with ease. It’s a beverage that defies country boundaries and holds a significant place in many cultures.

Every year, International Coffee Day is centred around one theme in order to help raise awareness and celebrate the important role coffee plays in most people’s lives. This year’s theme is “Coffee’s Next Generation”, and it focuses on celebrating and raising the profile of talented young people who work in the coffee sector. Even if you don’t like coffee, we think this is a pretty good cause to get excited about!

International Coffee Day is celebrated every year on 1 October, but why do we celebrate it and what’s the significance?

The history of International Coffee Day

Before 2014, there was no International Coffee Day – crazy, we know! Instead, countries around the world celebrated their own coffee days until the International Coffee Organisation (ICO) decided to bring it all together into one, big global event. International Coffee Day isn’t just about the beverage itself but also about joining together as one united community and connecting through something we love.

Why we celebrate International Coffee Day

Look, we definitely don’t need an excuse to celebrate the magical liquid that is coffee but there are some actual reasons why we do so. First and foremost, International Coffee Day is used to promote the Fairtrade use of coffee and educate people about choosing ethical and sustainable coffee sources.

It’s also the day that every coffee drinker can think about and thank all of the people in the coffee industry. From those that pick the coffee beans to the roasters to the baristas, it’s a day of gratitude. So, on 1 October remember to thank your baristas and local café staff because they’re truly heroes to always provide us with delicious coffee when we need it most!

Fun facts about coffee

We love coffee but we’re not going to lie and say we know everything about it, and we bet you don’t either. So, to help us understand more about the delicious liquid we drink every day here are some fun facts about coffee!

  1. The Netherlands consumes the most coffee in the world
  2. The largest cup of coffee ever recorded was 22,739.14 litres
  3. The drink was supposedly first discovered back in the 800 A.D. when goat herders noticed that their goats would become energetic and lively after eating the plant
  4. Coffee beans aren’t actually beans but instead seeds
  5. Brazil grows the most coffee in the world, almost two times as much as Vietnam, which grows the second-largest amount
  6. The most expensive coffee in the world is one that is made from the faeces of an Asian palm civet (an animal similar to a cat) and it can cost up to $2800 per kilogram
  7. There’s a place in Japan where you can bathe in coffee.

Coffee: the perfect drink for famous geniuses

Coffee truly is an extraordinary substance, and many famous and incredibly smart people would agree! A lot of people who transformed history drunk more coffee than the average person does a day. Now, we’re not saying if you drink 10 cups of coffee a day that you’ll be as brilliant as Einstein but we’re also not saying it’s not worth a try.

Voltaire, the famous French writer, was reported to have drunk 40-50 cups of coffee a day and Teddy Roosevelt, a former President of the United States, apparently drank a gallon of coffee a day (that’s around 3.8 litres!). We, at Elite Words, love coffee, but we’re not sure we could ever drink that much.

Here, at Elite Words, International Coffee Day is close to our hearts. It helps us get up in the morning, write great content for our awesome clients, and let’s face it, it stops us from being grumps throughout the day. It’s safe to say we’re obsessed and we’re eternally grateful for each and every person that is involved in making our morning cup (or two!) of coffee possible. So, thank you to everyone in the coffee industry, you are the true MVPs of the world!

As always if you need help with copywriting, copy editing, or forming an effective content strategy then contact us today! We’re here to help with our coffees in hand.

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