Library Lovers Day

Library Lovers Day

February 14, most commonly known as Valentine’s Day, is also Library Lovers Day. While we love to celebrate our loved ones on Valentine’s Day, why don’t we also celebrate our love of reading?

Libraries are a haven for many. They offer a sanctuary for those who love books, need a quiet place to sit or an escape from busy work-filled lives. If libraries are a sanctuary, librarians are their protectors. Library Lovers Day is also a day to thank and extend our gratitude to all the librarians across Australia. Without librarians, libraries would cease to exist.

Going to the library as a child often feels like an adventure (and also probably a reprieve for our parents!). Do you remember the thrill in scouring the shelves for your next great read? As we grow older, libraries evolve to not just be a place to find new books but also a place to study and work. The quiet tranquillity that permeates the library atmosphere is a lovely reproach from the hustle and bustle of regular life.

As writers by trade, the team at Elite Words love libraries. Books and reading are a lifelong passion for all of us. The more we read, the better we become at writing. We extend a big thank you to the librarians across Australia and the libraries they work in.

Arts, culture and libraries form the foundation of society. Library Lovers Day acts as a reminder to policy-makers that the members of their community value their local libraries. To find out more about Library Lovers Day and how you can help support your local library, read on!

Library Lovers Day 2022

This year’s theme for Library Lovers Day is ‘Show the Love’. The pure joy from learning something new, going on an adventure or hanging out with friends is what Library Lovers Day 2022 encapsulates.

Library Lovers Day is here to remind us of the power of the written word. Libraries enable anybody to explore new ideas, learn new concepts, gain a greater understanding of important social issues, or get help with something they need to know. Books and reading empower children and adults to continue expanding their minds. Learning is a lifelong venture. Libraries exist to enable and support our ongoing quest to learn.

How can you get involved and help support your local library?

  • borrow a book
  • sign up for a membership
  • tell others about why your local library is great
  • leave them an online review (often libraries will have a Google My Business page)
  • thank the librarians when you visit
  • share a post on social media with the hashtag #LibraryLoversDay
  • share your love for your local library with the children and young adults in your life.

A brief history of libraries

Before the internet, libraries were the dominant source of available knowledge. This has meant libraries have been a staple part of society for millennia. They’re bastions of knowledge that remain important to prioritise to this day.

The first systematically organised library ever recorded was in the seventh century BC. It was located in the Middle East in Nineveh (now known as Iraq) by the Assyrian ruler Ashurbanipal. If you’re thinking the first library ever built was small, you’d be wrong! This library had over 30,000 cuneiform tablets that were organised by topic. While many of the tablets were scholarly works or recorded history, they did also house works of literature such as the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Like ourselves, Ashurbanipal was super protective of his library and the knowledge it contained. In fact, he inscribed in some of his texts that any potential thieves would have to face the wrath of the gods. We can definitely relate to not wanting anybody to steal or destroy our own collection of books!

Today, almost every great city has an impressive library. From Egypt through to Spain, countries around the world have a rich history in collecting and protecting books. Libraries are critical in catalysing societal progression. They have enabled people for generations to learn vital information which could then be used to better society. From medicine, engineering and to the arts, libraries played and continue to play a pivotal role in improving the world.

The dawn of the internet left many to believe that libraries would become obsolete. This has been proven to be wrong. Libraries remain at the heart of local communities and major cities. They’re beacons of solace. They enable individuals from all backgrounds to access information for free. Libraries are an important commodity to maintain and protect.

Empowering communities to continue to learn enables societal advancement. On Library Lovers Day, it’s important to consider the history and continuing role libraries play in improving local communities, countries and the world.

While Valentine’s Day often supersedes the significance of Library Lovers Day, we believe Library Lovers Day shouldn’t be swept under the rug. Sharing your gratitude for librarians and the libraries they manage is at the core of Library Lovers Day 2022. We warmly encourage you to go to your local library, thank your librarians and find a book. You may find yourself reading one of your all-time favourite books this year!

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