If only you had a dollar for every time you heard or read the phrase ‘content marketing’, right? Don’t worry, we feel it too. But what does it all mean? How can content help my organisation to prosper and thrive?

  • Content’s All the Rage
    Content is all the rage now – with seemingly everyone discussing content marketing or content creation. But what does it really mean? And does it have to be difficult? We live in a disrupted world. A place where even established media conglomerates like Fairfax and News Corp are being disrupted by organisations such as The Huffington Post and VICE, not to mention user-generated content authored on sites such as Blogger, Medium and (of course) WordPress. In the digital world, content is king. And if you don’t have content, you’re not playing your cards right.
  • Reach More Customers
    Content is king because it helps organisations engage with and connect to their customers. Organisations like Facebook and Instagram have billions in advertising revenue because of the money that content creation teams put behind making sure their message is seen, by the right people, at the right time. But, content does not need to be expensively backed with boosted posts or campaigns to be successful. It just needs to be correctly written, with the right content marketing strategy behind it. At Elite Words, we help your organisation create effective digital (and print) content to drive customers to your retail store, your industrial facility, your website, your blog and to your social media accounts.
  • Eyes Sell
    Let’s face it – content is king, because eyes sell. The more people your organisation can attract to its digital presence(s), the greater the chance you have of putting that customer on a journey. A journey that starts with content strategy, is continued with content creation and is completed with content marketing execution. You owe it to yourself or to your employer to make it an imperative to 1) attract those eyes and 2) make sure they are correctly funnelled in such a way, to maximise your desired outcome.
  • Creating Content Can Be Easy
    Let Elite Words content marketing agency take the pain out of words for your organisation. We love to craft strategies for the creation of words – it’s what we do best. We partner with you, and together we take every step in the content marketing journey. From conception and idea-generation, all the way to content creation and execution. As a content marketing team, our focus is creating high-quality copy for organisations to allow them to thrive.

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