Why high-quality website copy is essential for your business

First impressions matter. Whether it’s in your social life or in the business world, making a good first impression can catalyse long-lasting relationships. In business, your website is often the first impression that potential customers have of you. It is therefore crucial to engage website visitors with well-written, relevant content that accurately represents your brand.

Virtually every serious business has a website these days. As a result, every business is competing for a spot in a highly saturated search engine market – at the time this blog post was published, Google had already received 8,911,890,156 searches, just from today! To set your website apart from the masses, compelling and refined website copy is essential for a number of reasons.

It is not enough to simply dump all of your business information on your website and call it a day. In order to get through to your audience, your website copy must be written in a way that is engaging, coherent, and tailored to your brand image and target audience. A good website draws the audience in and gives them a reason to stay instead of clicking away to a different website. This can be achieved through your website copy’s persuasive language, emotional appeal, storytelling, and call-to-action tactics.

If your website copy is littered with grammatical errors and typos, readers will see this as a red flag and your business will appear unprofessional. Even if your writing is grammatically correct according to your spellchecker, it could be clunky and boring to read. Having content that is difficult to engage with can diminish the credibility and legitimacy of your brand. However, if your writing is compelling and polished, then your business will appear more reputable and visitors will be more likely to trust your products or services.

Search ranking and SEO
Good website copy does more than just keep readers satisfied. A well-rounded website will also incorporate digital marketing tactics that can boost your website’s visibility and exposure levels. By implementing a strong SEO strategy into your website copy using keywords and backlinks, you are more likely to achieve a high search ranking position and drive more traffic to your website. It can be difficult to incorporate the right number of keywords into your website copy without it sounding repetitive and awkward, so your business will benefit from using a professional copywriting service like Elite Words.

Click-through rates
Your website may appear on a list of search results, but that does not guarantee the end-user will choose to click on it. Having a polished headline and an attention-grabbing description that is optimised for readability on search engines can encourage a higher click-through rate on your website.

Another way that Google measures the quality of a website is through the number of trustworthy links that correspond back to the website. Therefore, it is important to create website content that is good enough to be shared and referenced by others online. Website copy that is well-written, topical, and engaging is more likely to be shared. Research has found that around 95% of all web pages have zero backlinks, even though pages with lots of backlinks are proven to rank above pages that do not have as many. It is therefore essential to encourage backlinks to your website to prevent it from falling behind in search rankings.

You may be thinking – why would anyone share a link to your list of products? Or your home page or about page? The answer is, they probably wouldn’t. However, what they would share are relevant blogs or articles. Incorporating a blog section on a website is a common digital content strategy used by businesses to demonstrate their expertise and to boost SEO. By regularly posting blogs on your website, you are creating more opportunities for links to those blogs to be shared online, which can benefit you both in terms of search ranking and organic exposure.

What now?
High-quality website copy is the gateway to digital success. But how can you be sure your website content is up to industry standards? This is where Elite Words comes in. We have years of experience writing website copy for a diverse range of business sectors. Our website copywriting services have guided major companies and government department to success through our well-written content and skilled digital content strategies. Regardless of what stage or shape your website is in, Elite Words can provide you with the copy you need to achieve your business goals. Contact us today to find out more.

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