International Dog Day 2022

We all love our pooches. We love them so much that 26 August is actually known as International Dog Day! It certainly isn’t surprising that man’s best friend has a day dedicated to them, but why has this day come to be and what can you do to celebrate it? Here we explain everything you need to know about International Dog Day 2022!

The history of International Dog Day

Did you know? The first dogs were domesticated around 40,000 years ago!

However, International Dog Day is still relatively new having only been celebrated since 2004. Colleen Paige was the founder of International Dog Day and was responsible for the creation of other days for our furry friends, such as Cat and Puppy Day. Colleen decided to set this day on 26 August as it was the day she adopted her first dog named Shelti.

The pawpose

International Dog Day celebrates dogs of all breeds, pure or mixed, but mainly looks to raise awareness on the sheer number of dogs that need to be rescued from poor shelter conditions and abusive homes. Its aim is to encourage people to adopt their very own or to donate to their local shelter. It also serves as a reminder to dog owners to shower their dogs with more love and care.

Show them puppy love

If you own a dog already you can celebrate International Dog Day by:

  • spoiling them with a new toy
  • baking them treats
  • taking them on a long walk somewhere new like the beach
  • having a photoshoot with them.

Alternatively, for those without dogs, you can:

  • donate to a local shelter or rescue centre
  • do volunteer work
  • adopt your own dog.

However, making an adoption requires a very strong commitment, with plenty of investment and large amounts of patience. A shelter volunteer will be able to help prepare you for the new addition to your home.

Tall tails

We found a few stories about some of the bravest dogs to show just how helpful dogs are:

Sgt. Stubby

Assigned to the 26th Infantry Division of the United States 102nd Regiment, Sgt. Stubby served as the regiment’s unofficial mascot for 18 months during the first world war. Boston Terrier Sgt. Stubby, was an expert at raising the morale of troops, having learnt bugle calls and his own way of saluting by placing his right paw above his right eyebrow.

He even caught a German spy by holding on to the seat of his pants until he was found by American soldiers! He was eventually promoted to Sergeant and has been the only dog to receive this promotion through means of combat.

Swansea Jack

Swansea Jack was a Flat Coated Retriever, known for saving people from riverbanks and docks. He rescued a total of 27 people and made his first rescue when he was only a puppy by pulling a 12-year-old boy out of the water. Sadly, he died after accidentally ingesting rat poison.

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