What do we do for work? The kids in our life let us know

With lockdown extended by another week and schools transitioning to remote learning, we know exactly how difficult it can be to keep the kids entertained. But don’t stress, Elite Words are here to help! 

With all the kids in our lives seeing us sit at our desks writing all day, we’ve noticed many of them would love to get involved. So, to do that, we posed them the question of what they think we do for work and here are their pieces, written by them and unedited. They were keen to participate, especially when we let them know that we would publish their writing on the Elite Words website (look down below to read them!)

So, to help you, we are providing your children the same opportunity. We would love to see what the kids in your life think you do for work, we’re sure that their answers may be more surprising than you’d think.

We think this is a wholesome lockdown activity that will give them something to talk about for show-and-tell once they eventually return back to school. But more importantly, it will give you or whoever is looking after the kids a break! Whether they are your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, siblings, or family friends we would love to read their work.

They can type or write their answers and we will publish them to the Elite Words website (unedited of course). If you or someone you know might be interested then please send all pieces to nataliedawson@elitewords.com.au – we look forward to reading some more fun pieces!

If you would like to find out exactly what we do, check out our services here. We look forward to reading many more!

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