How copywriters can help your business thrive during COVID-19

Without a doubt, COVID-19 is testing our resilience. Restrictions on social gatherings have forced businesses to adapt to a remote working paradigm. It’s not always easy. But guess what? You don’t have to do it alone.

Copywriters are here to help you get back on your feet! In a world where everyone is competing for online user attention, copywriters are needed by businesses more than ever. Whether you’re wanting to earn more money, increase brand awareness, garner traction for a new service and/or program, copywriters are here to help you succeed!

Here are the top six ways a copywriter can help you thrive during COVID-19 and beyond:

Create effective content for your website
Economic turbulence aggravates competition for customers and revenue sources. With many businesses competing for much of the same prizes, how do we stand out? The answer lies in effective website content. Copywriters are trained to craft content that is both informative and engaging for target audiences. Copywriters also understand the business landscape, allowing them to produce a compelling “call to action” that converts browsers into loyal customers.

Your personal editors
Copywriters can do more than craft effective content from scratch. Copywriters can also help to perfect a company’s pre-existing communications. No matter how experienced someone is as a writer, everyone can benefit from having an editor. This is because we’re often so immersed in our work that we miss errors that could be glaringly obvious to a reader. An editor can help pick up on typos, spelling and grammatical errors, instances where we’ve accidentally given off the wrong tone or ineptly explained something. Copywriters understand a user’s internal decision-making, allowing them to edit content for optimal engagement.

Having an editor help sharpen your company communications is essential in furthering customer retention. With people being forced to stay indoors, people are more tied to their devices than ever. Social media is the way we’re staying connected. As a result, brands need to be extra vigilant in ensuring that their social media content is error-free. Having an editor helps you stay ahead of the game!

Invigorate your content strategy
A copywriter is a great asset to any company wanting to further its content strategy. A recent study found that people who read brand content were 131% more likely to perform a purchase than those who didn’t engage in brand content. Quality content has become a need, not just a cool bonus. But don’t worry if your content strategy has lagged as of late. Copywriters can help invigorate your content strategy, allowing you to reap the rewards of increased lead generation and growth.

Here are some of the ways a copywriter can help elevate a brand’s content strategy:
• brainstorming unique brand voice and story
• continuously developing creative ideas for content
• crafting effective marketing strategies for every social media platform
• creating compelling scripts for webinar, video, film and infographics
• cultivating effective email marketing campaigns
• maintaining the blog writing momentum
• producing effective scripts for speeches
• producing inspiring thought leadership articles
• providing input on how to start a podcast.

Content will never stagnate with a copywriter on your side. Copywriters know how to tailor content to customers and make anything sound exciting.

Harness the power of prolific research
Copywriters make it their mission to spend lots of time researching. This allows them to write content on any subject through any medium for anyone. Nothing is out of a copywriter’s reach. Copywriters are generally curious people who thrive on challenges.

During this period of turbulence, business landscapes are rapidly changing. Copywriters can help businesses remain competitive by keeping up to date with the latest in marketing, Google, and SEO. You can also count on copywriters to study your client base and industry inside out. The prolific research a copywriter performs allows them to write top-notch product descriptions, enticing blog posts and articles, and powerful social media pieces. This helps position companies as genuine thought leaders while driving organic revenue and sales. If you desire high-quality, well-researched copy in tight deadlines, copywriters are your saving grace!

Trusting experts helps free up time
Every business is different. But not having enough time is a conundrum that affects all. Luckily, there are ways to overcome this challenge. Enlisting the help of copywriters helps you better manage your time. Offloading your communication responsibilities to copywriters allows you to spend more time on other core business functions. Trusting copywriters enables your business to achieve its strategic communication goals without the burden of lost time.

Increases your support network
Working with a copywriter increases your support network. When you join forces with a copywriter, you have another person backing you and your business. They want you to succeed as much as you. Not too familiar with outsourcing? Don’t worry. Lots of businesses are exploring the outsourcing route. Luckily, 78% of businesses who have explored outsourcing reportedly feel positive about the experiences they’ve had with other companies.

Copywriters can aptly express your messages in garnering the results you desire. In a remote working paradigm, there’s never been a better time to innovate. Collaborating with copywriters who are dedicated to ensuring your success could just be your golden ticket.

Ready to reap the benefits of well-crafted content?

Elite Words is here to help! Our goal is to help our amazing clients thrive with great copy. Contact us today to learn how we can help you through our copywriting, editing and content strategy services.

We can’t wait to work with you!

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