Top three reasons to outsource your copywriting

With increasing demand for quality content, businesses and marketers are now under pressure, more than ever, to deliver new and engaging content at the click of a button.

Brand perception is now controlled by blog articles, reviews and social media posts. These pieces of written content have the power to determine the success of your product or service.

If you care about delivering a professional brand, here are three important reasons why you should consider outsourcing your copywriting:

1. It’s a specialised skill

Sure, some people have a natural flair for writing. You might have a colleague who just has a way with words. Or you might know someone with impeccable grammar, but is that enough for effective copywriting?

Writing, especially for a business, requires a specific skillset.

The goal is to connect with your target audience. Either explicitly through an advertisement or implicitly through a blog post. Your copy is the voice of your business, it shapes your brand’s image. Effective copy is authentic, impactful and persuasive. It speaks directly to your customers and allows you to be heard above the noise.

You hire a web designer to create your website. You work with an accountant to organise your finances. So why wouldn’t you hire a copywriter to write your content?

2. Increase productivity by saving time, resources and headspace

Time is a valuable asset. When you outsource your copywriting, you’re able to focus on the things that matter most – the core activities of your business! There’s no reason to spend hours on a blog post. That time could have been dedicated to solving company issues or implementing strategies for growth.

Wise allocation of time and resources will inevitably increase productivity in your workplace.

Let your core team focus on their respective areas of expertise. Leave it to the professional copywriters to take care of writing your content.

3. A fresh perspective provides clarity for your readers

If you want to speak to your customers, you have to think like your customers. Sometimes, this is impossible for business owners or industry veterans. It is not uncommon that someone writing for their own business would get blinded by their pre-existing knowledge and/or assumptions. This can result in a confusing, ineffective, jargon-filled and possibly even frustrating piece of content!

An external copywriter has the advantage of a fresh, unbiased lens. They are able to understand your business from a consumer’s perspective. They can produce clearer messages that speak directly to your customer. Not only that, a professional copywriter will also be able to frame your message creatively and persuasively, to achieve the desired outcome.

Regardless of your industry, the benefits of having a professional copywriter for your business are immense.

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