Could you survive two weeks without emails?

No commute, no office, no physical interactions, and no emails. This has been the workplace for the new Elite Words team for the past two weeks, as we continue to create exceptional content for our valued clients. With our interviews occurring online, our weekly team catch-ups, and all other interactions happening in the digital space, our laptops have truly replaced the need for an office.  

Emails? Never heard of them. With the average worker receiving 121 emails a day and spending upwards of 2.5 hours replying to them, we have gotten rid of them entirely from our daily tasks. Microsoft Teams Chat allows for quick responses from our Director Natalie Dawson and other team members. This has ensured that we never feel confused and promotes teamwork, as we simply send a message to get a real-time response. It has allowed us to get to know one another, be comfortable working together, and made the workplace an enjoyable place to be. Genius! 

Constant daily meetings are gone, Microsoft Teams Task allocation is in. The Microsoft Teams Task allocation has made staying on top of our work easy, manageable, and organised. With a simple layout, the task planner showcases all our upcoming content jobs. This dictates our teams’ schedule and ensures everyone knows exactly what to do each day, without the hassle of daily meetings. We get to decide our goals for the day, supporting the teams’ motivation to smash out every task.  

The dream of having a work-life balance has been achieved through the help of Microsoft Shifts Planner. It’s easy to schedule meetings, chat with one another and understand when tasks will be completed, as we know exactly when each of us is working. It also helps us know when not to contact each other, because who wants to be interrupted on their day-off. This allows our team to work cohesively and makes it feel like we are together, even though we aren’t.  

Our days of waking up early, catching public transport, and returning home in the dark have been eliminated. Working from home using Microsoft Teams has been great for our productivity. No commute, the ability to dictate our own breaks, and no intimidating atmosphere of the office allowing us to write more confidently. Remote working allows us to work in a way that suits us best. With content writing being underpinned by creativity and independence, working from home gives us the freedom to work optimally for us individually. It also gets rid of the monotony of going to the same place every day, keeping the job fun, interesting, and engaging!   

How do we make sure our content is cohesive and complementary if we’re not working side-by-side? Well, Microsoft Teams cloud-based software ensures that we can read and check each other’s work, as we are working on it. If we need help, want to make sure our content is similar, or are struggling to understand the client’s writing style, we can simply look through each other’s work. This keeps a supportive work environment and allows us to get our tasks done efficiently.   

Have a look at what some of our excellent Content Writers and Director think about Microsoft Teams: 

“Teams keeps everyone on the same page in a similar way to how things would be in a physical environment”. – Anna Ly, Content Writer  

“I like how Microsoft Teams collates everything in one application. I think it makes working from home infinitely more efficient than in-person” – Abigail Stratton, Content Writer 

“I like how it keeps a lot of different functions in one place. You don’t need different applications keeping me productive and engaged” – Odessa Blain, Content Writer 

“I love how Microsoft Teams lets us message each other instantly, not only does it ensure our questions are answered immediately, it makes the workplace more comfortable and I can connect with everyone else on the team” – Ella Boyd, Content Writer  

“Microsoft Teams has enabled our talented team of writers to work efficiently and productively. Even though we are working remotely, we are functioning just the same as a team together in an office, if not better!” – Natalie Dawson, Director of Elite Words  

Need Help? Get in Touch! 

Elite Words has embraced remote working and the various functions of Microsoft Teams, allowing us to create quality content for every client. If you need any help with your copywriting needs, contact our friendly team today!   

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