Website copywriting – five simple steps to readable content

Mastering website copywriting has never been more important as we now write for busy, time-poor consumers and their phones. Our world is gathering pace like a Snapdragon chipset on steroids. Like these supercharged processors, our affinity for new, shiny electronic gadgets rumbles on. Apple, Samsung and Google race to outdo each other with fancier and smarter phones. And we mere consumers find ourselves busier than ever, juggling the ever-growing demands of our careers – not to mention family lives, recreational activities and social lives. Website copywriting must be spot-on or users immediately lose interest.

Users Are Always Buried in Their Phones

Look around you.

See somebody whose head is buried in a phone screen? Or perhaps yours is, right now?

These things – these tiny electronic wonders – have transformed our lives with instant access to limitless information, and to each other. Mobile phones have connected us in ways seemingly impossible in the 1980s, and in doing so, have made website copywriting more of an art form than ever.

Are you well-placed to ensure your website copywriting is optimised for these time-poor neck-benders?

Make it Quick – We’ve Got to be Somewhere Else

Never before has it been more critical to select the right words for your website copy to portray your brand, to convey your message and establish rapport with end-users. Not to mention Search Engine Optimisation…!

Users want to find the right information, product or service with minimal effort and time on their phones. Users scan content on these bright, tiny screens in search of relevancy. These time-poor souls rarely (if ever) read word-for-word, routinely skipping large boring chunks of text until their need for gratification is met.

Five Simple Steps When Writing Website Copy

  1. Know your target audience – craft your words just for them
  2. Understand the purpose of your copy. If you aren’t clear on this, it will reflect in your writing
  3. Use familiar words and plain English, unless your website has a target audience with specific requirements or needs
  4. Use simple and short sentences. The simpler the better!
  5. Ensure you have a clear page layout with structured headings, bullet points, numbered lists and paragraphs

Need Help? Get in Touch!

Website copywriting does not need to be difficult.

Users are busier and fussier than ever before – this is true. But with the right amount of focus, effort and strategy, your website copywriting can be readable, likeable and shareable. If all else fails, contact the experts.

At Elite Words, website copywriting is our passion. Get in touch with us today. We’re here to help.

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