The perfect best man speech

Congratulations! You’ve just been asked to be the best man. There are so many responsibilities to take care of one of the biggest being the best man speech. People are always excited for the best man’s speech as it usually balances edgy humour with heartwarming messages.

It’s an honour to be selected as the best man and you should treat it as such. If you’ve been selected, it means that the groomsman values you and all the memories you have together. Owing to this, it’s important you take the best man’s speech seriously. Try not to leave it to the last minute and see it as an opportunity to show how much the groomsman means to you.

Whether it was a complete surprise or you always knew you’d be the one to be the best man, sometimes it can feel like quite a stressful experience. The team at Elite Words want you to have the best day possible, so if you’re starting to feel the pressure, we’ve got you covered. Read on to find out how you can write the perfect best man speech!


Avoid making up stories or jokes that just won’t make sense. People will see right through that. Look back on the fond memories you have with the couple and groomsman and share some funny stories and small anecdotes.

Also, be true to who you are. Don’t change your tone or behaviour to what you think might suit the situation and audience. Be genuine, be authentic. At the end of the day, this is a moment you and the groomsman can look back on so be sure to make it a happy memory.

Don’t overshare

While you want to ensure that your speech is funny and unique, you don’t want to speak about crass topics. Areas to avoid include excessive drinking, partying or previous relationships. Remember, it’s not a private event between you and the couple, their families will be there so keep that in mind.

Also, avoid any negativity aimed towards the newlyweds. All these things will leave a sour taste amongst the audience. It might be the funniest thing you can think of but it’s not worth jeopardising the entire wedding for – it’s their day, not yours.

Time to reflect

Take some time to look back on experiences you’ve had with the groomsman. Browse through old photos and videos you have together. Focus on the groomsman’s personality, it’s okay to poke a little bit of fun as long as it won’t affect your relationship and he will take what you say lightheartedly. Reflect on the relationship you have with the groomsman, how long you’ve known each other and why you were selected to be the best man.

Treat this as a moment you can share how much they mean to you. Not anybody gets chosen to be the best man, take the time to make this speech perfect.

Practice makes perfect

This is a must. Practice your speech in the mirror at home. Ensure it all makes sense, you have a good memory of what you’re going to say and then once you’re confident with what you have, practice it in front of an audience.

It doesn’t have to be a crowd of hundreds of people. Gather a few friends around and practice with them. They’ll be sure to give you some guidance. They can tell you things you could include, what not to include and even give you a funny experience of their own. If they do, be sure to credit them during your speech.

These four points are all you need to start creating the ultimate best man speech. With that being said, you want to ensure that your speech is carefully laid out with everything in place. To do so, here is a rough outline to help get you started:

  • start off with a great opener
  • express gratitude to the other speakers
  • congratulate the newlyweds
  • share how you know the groom and your relationship with him
  • say some nice things about the groom’s partner
  • make a few jokes
  • share some experiences
  • propose a toast.

You don’t have to follow this exactly, prepare your toast naturally and whatever order presents itself will be okay. As long as it makes sense and comes together nicely.

Now you have everything you need to create the masterpiece that is your best man speech. You’re going to nail it! Don’t stress or overthink it, it’s going to be great.

Not doing a best man speech or need more information on how to nail your wedding speech? Be sure to check out a previous blog post we wrote on how to create the perfect wedding speech.

If you’re not confident in drafting up the perfect best man speech, Elite Words can help.

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