Working from home from the other side of the world

At Elite Words, we are proud to be a business that operates fully remotely. Even before the pandemic, our business model centred on our team working from home. We see it as a way to achieve an ideal work-life balance, while not compromising on the quality of our work. Working remotely offers flexibility in not only when you work but where you work.  

Recently, one of our team members made the decision to move to London and is currently working there successfully. Meanwhile, our Director is in Qatar with her family to watch the FIFA World Cup! We’re proof that remote working is the future and you can still produce great work from literally all around the world! 

If you’re thinking of moving overseas but love your current job in your home country, there’s no need to worry! There are methods of working that can ensure you truly get the best of both worlds. Here we explain our tips and tricks for working remotely overseas. 

1. Understand the time zones 

One of the biggest things you need to wrap your head around when working overseas is the time zones! At first, this can be tricky. Sometimes it can leave you confused or uncertain as to what time it is which makes it difficult to keep track of your commitments. But don’t fret! You will soon get used to it and be a pro at calculating what time it is in another part of the world.  

Setting up a clock that keeps track of the time in your home country can ensure that you always have a point of reference. Popping this on your desk or whatever room you work in can be useful to ensure you’re always on track. Also, setting up your phone to easily display and check the time in different parts of the world can be a big help.  

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate 

We’re not here to sugarcoat it, working overseas can be challenging. Of course, it isn’t as easy as working in the country your business is based in. However, the rewards outweigh the cons. The best way to ensure working overseas is smooth sailing is to communicate with everyone you work with consistently.  

Fostering open and honest communication can help ensure nobody is left confused or wondering where you are. It can also ensure everyone in your team understands when work will be completed and when they can expect it. This isn’t to say you should push back timelines on projects or affect the efficiency of the business, but more so that you could expect to receive the work in the middle of the night or an answer to your question at a strange time of day. Communicating with those around you will help make it easier on everyone.   

3. Make sure you’re all on the same page 

It’s critical that everyone you work with is on the same page as you are. Identifying everyone’s expectations as to how things will work and what everyone can expect is important to ensuring your business and work continues to run smoothly. Keeping track of your tasks and being able to complete them independently is paramount. Working overseas isn’t perfect for everyone but it can definitely work if it’s for you! 

4. Recognise that you might not always be able to work the regular 9-5  

The thing about working overseas is that you’re not working in the same time zone as your team or clients. While the majority of the work can be completed during regular hours, sometimes it can’t. Taking meetings at strange times will be your new normal and that’s okay! Living and working overseas is all about embracing change and the challenges associated.  

Always keep track of your hours if you do have to work strange ones. This will ensure you continue to maintain a healthy work-life balance and that you’re fulfilling your boss’s expectations. Working remotely is about being flexible, adaptable and agile – all great characteristics of a successful person! 

5. Be ready to problem solve

Often, when you’re awake working your colleagues may be sleeping or not behind a computer. This means that if you run into a problem or issue it might mean you have to sort it out alone. You shouldn’t feel like this is daunting but instead an opportunity to grow and challenge yourself.  

Improving your independent problem-solving skills can help you thrive at work and in your everyday life. It’s also an asset to your business and everyone you work with, so view it as an exciting moment to expand your capabilities.  


Working remotely has offered our team at Elite Words a myriad of opportunities. From being able to balance work and outside commitments better to offering the opportunity to work from overseas, remote working has been a huge benefit to us.  

If you have ever wanted a greater work-life balance or the opportunity to experience more adventures, consider adopting a remote working environment. Our team are evidence that we can work from all around the world and be just as effective while delivering high-quality work.  

Interested in our services at Elite Words? Get in touch today.  

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