Script writing for videos: Voice your story

Have a story to share? How do you intend to communicate it?

In a competitive workforce, your company communications and marketing materials need to be consistent, high-quality and error-free. Video marketing allows you to communicate who you are, your company values and the products and services you provide. Video marketing involves using videos to increase social engagement and brand capital. It’s an essential branch in the storytelling of your brand as it helps you connect with your audience in a fun and engaging way.

According to a HubSpot report, consumers prefer video content from brands over blog posts, newsletters and social images. Videos are critical in determining consumer purchasing decisions. If you’re wanting to elevate your content strategy, video marketing is a great avenue to explore.

Goal of the video content

Before you begin scripting a video, ensure you’re clear on what you’re wanting to achieve with the content. Let purpose be your director. Consider why you’re creating video content in the first place and what the desired call-to-action is. What do you want people to do after watching the video? Common calls to action include purchasing, sharing content, signing up, donating and registering for events.

The emotional response of your audience is another important pillar in establishing the goal of the video content. How do you want people to feel after they’ve watched the video? Do you want them to feel excited? Comforted? Passionate? Empathetic? Or inspired? Craft your video content with the desired emotional response in mind. Consider the language and the visual literacy that stimulates these emotions within you and replicate that in the content.  

Here are some common types of videos used in video marketing:

  • Case studies and customer testimonials: These videosestablish brand credibility by showing real people talking about the benefit of your products and services. This is more appealing to prospective customers than sales copy alone. This type of video builds trust by conveying what you can deliver to real people in real time. When creating these videos, let the customers speak in their own words. Otherwise, testimonial videos risk appearing too contrived and polished.
  • “About Us” brand videos: These videos show who you are, how you help and what you do. The goal of these videos is to increase brand awareness and connect businesses to their ideal customers. To create a strong, compelling narrative, you need to be clear on the mission of your business.
  • Event videos: Are you hosting a conference, fundraiser or exhibition? Creating a highlight reel of interesting interviews and presentations can help foster enthusiasm. When people feel excited after seeing an event video, they’re more likely to spread the word to their friends. Creating event videos increases your chances in generating a great turnout!
  • Product and service explainers: These videos allow you to educate customers and highlight your point of difference. Explainer videos act as a tangible guide for consumers to understand how your products work and the intended value they have. They also generate the first impression of your products and services. When creating these videos, ensure claims and demonstrations are accurate.

Accelerate your social media strategy

Video marketing is essential in keeping your social media strategy up to speed. Platforms like Facebook and Instagram are regularly developing their video features in response to evolving business and consumer needs.

When creating video content, consider the platforms you intend to share your videos on. What are the differences between platforms and how can they be used to effectively market your business? YouTube is often used for hosting company content like customer testimonials and “about us” videos. Instagram on the other hand, allows you to reach younger demographics and enables you to effectively market consumer products. Currently, the most popular video platform is TikTok, which offers the opportunity for your brand to get creative with the video content you produce. It’s currently one of the fastest growing apps ever created, with over one billion monthly active users, meaning your brand is missing out on a large customer base if you’re not currently using it.

Videos are an effective way to reach your target audience because they capture your authentic voice and emotions in ways that can be immediately understood. Less is more when it comes to the content of your videos. Don’t put too much in the video. Keep it user-friendly and focused. The more targeted your video, the easier it is to engage the audience.

Catering to your audience

As with blog writing, keep your audience present in your video content. Talk with them, not at them. One of the primary goals of video marketing is to give people a reason to follow your company. Create content that’s valuable to your target audience by addressing customer concerns and frequently asked questions. A good way to start doing this is by profiling your target customer.

Conduct market research and list the demographic and psychological attributes of your target customer. Knowing their pain points and values will help you create more targeted content. This increases the likelihood of garnering greater leads, backlinks and conversions.

Climb those search rankings

A well written video script improves SEO. Consider how Google and other search domains places YouTube videos at the top of the page for many search terms. Uploading videos that target key search terms is a great way to earn a favourable position in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

To optimise your videos:

  • insert transcripts
  • embed key words in titles and video descriptions
  • create engaging thumbnails.

Optimising video content increases the likelihood of your videos being seen by your target audience. When your target audience sees your video content, they’ll spend more time on your website, giving you great user analytics!

Video content drives online traffic, builds trust with consumers and furthers the intellectual capital of your brand. A content strategy in itself, video content creates opportunities for you to promote your business and connect with your target audience.

Need help writing your script?

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